Palm is about to launch its first new product in three years –


(Pocket-lint) – Palm has taken to Twitter to tease a new product announcement set to take place on 26 October. Sadly, for long-time Palm fans, we wouldn’t recommend setting your hopes too high. 

Looking at the teaser tweet – which reads “Get ready #PalmCrew! We have something special we’ve been working on for you” – it appears that Palm might be stamping its brand logo on a pair of wireless earbuds. 

The blurry silhouettes set against a coloruful backlight very much look like the classic AirPods-style TWS buds, complete with the external stem and a silicon tip that goes in the ear. 

If the image is indeed what it appears, it might just be rubbing the salt in the wound for those old-time Palm lovers who might still be holding on for something more akin to the Treo and Palm Pre models of yesteryear.

Palm came back to the market as a tiny phone maker in 2018, offering a device that was much, much smaller than a traditional smartphone and one that could act as a backup. 

The idea was that you could slip it into a pocket when out for a run, or wanting time away from your main smartphone, but still be contactable from the same number. 

Since then, it’s been relatively quiet and hasn’t followed it up with a refined, better model. Now, instead, it seems the company is jumping on the growing TWS market. 

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